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Rebecca Eckler

Rebecca Eckler is the author of three internationally best-selling books on motherhood: Knocked Up, Wiped!, and Toddlers Gone Wild! – all published in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, and Turkey. She is also the author of two teen books, Rotten Apple, and Apple’s Angst. She is the co-author of the children’s book, The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery, co-written with Erica Ehm.

She writes a parenting blog twice weekly called Eckler Plus One, on Sweet Mama, twice weekly on the Chatelaine Blog, Help! Fix my Life!, and also writes weekly for about gym culture. She is a regular contributor to Maclean’s magazine and Chatelaine and has been published in numerous parenting magazines across North America. You can also find her work in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. She was a producer on The Pamela Wallin show and a columnist for the National Post and the Globe and Mail.